Running from Injury

The Book: Out June 28th 2021

Section 1: Why runners get injured

Chapter 1: Too much of a good thing
Chapter 2: Someone that I used to know
Chapter 3: Before you knew what was wrong with you
Chapter 4: Use it or lose it
Chapter 5: The devil makes work for idle legs
Chapter 6: I’m a foot, get me out of here
Chapter 7: No brain no pain
Chapter 8: The marshmallow test
Chapter 9: Denial
Chapter 10: Mind the gap

Section 2: How to stop it

Chapter 11: The road to redemption
Chapter 12: Become an athlete runner in training
Chapter 13: Variability. A runners best friend
Chapter 14: The new normal
Chapter 15: Slow and steady wins the race
Chapter 16: Limit your options
Chapter 17: Being barefoot
Chapter 18: A little less information

The Blog

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Talks and Podcasts

  1. Running from Injury: Recorded Talk
  2. FREE Barefoot Movement Science Conference March 30th 2021
  3. Observing Feet. Sustain This Podcast. March 2021
  4. Episode 027: Interview with runner and sports scientist Peter Francis
  5. Barefoot Strong Summit 2019: Recorded voiceover talk (Even Better than the Real Thing?)
  6. Podcast Interview: The MOVEMENT Movement Podcast
  7. BBC Science Interview
  8. Exercising Health Podcast Episode: Dr. Peter Francis January 2021
  9. Sustain This? In The Wild: Unlocking our human potential
  10. Sustain This? In The Wild: Changing our behaviours to lead the change

Science and media articles

  1. Children should spend more time barefoot to encourage a healthier foot structure
  2. What are the most common running injuries?
  3. The Urban Runner with an Evolutionary Legacy
  4. Vivobarefoot Research Partnership
  5. A new study into running shoes found that comfort could come at the cost of injury
  6. Running shoes may cause injuries – going barefoot could be the surprising fix
  7. From barefoot hunter gathering to shod pavement pounding. Where to from here?
  8. Pain and Function in the Runner: A Ten (din) uous Link
  9. Adaptation of Running Biomechanics to Repeated Barefoot Running
  10. Tapering for the Leeds Half-Marathon
  11. To Shod or Not to Shod: Are We Asking the Right Question?
  12. What happened when we took the shoes from 9 well trained runners?’ A short blog to translate the science

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