Memory of the Boom Times making the Runner Go Bust?

The Boom Times You can never take it back. The first day you lace up those shoes and head out the door, you become a runner. No matter the level; you cover a distance that can be recorded in time. It could be up to the top of the road or a carefully measured 10kmContinue reading “Memory of the Boom Times making the Runner Go Bust?”

Why Ireland must say no, nay, never to a capitalist education system Ireland’s largest independent student web-site with a following of over 28,000 published a piece I wrote this week. The piece focuses on how our education system, free from economic influence, develops resilient members of a progressive society. I have worked in the education sector in Ireland, England, Qatar and most recently New Zealand. MyContinue reading “Why Ireland must say no, nay, never to a capitalist education system”

The Achilles Tendon: Lives Fast, Dies Young

They would shuffle out the Cork road whilst scuffing paint off the hard shoulder; almost as if instructed by the council to clean it off for a new coat. Gosh I thought, it must be hard to run when you’re old with legs like wooden poles. The decline is slow, usually beginning in your 30’sContinue reading “The Achilles Tendon: Lives Fast, Dies Young”

Why go to WHY retreat Whangerai Heads?

‘A room with a view’, is an overused expression on accommodation web-sites, they can’t all have it but WHY retreat does. The view in the pictures is what I see every morning as I wake up, every-day I write in the lounge, every time I do a Yoga class and last thing at night. InContinue reading “Why go to WHY retreat Whangerai Heads?”

The Theory of Self-Control: Key to Consistent Running?

‘You can have one good training session now or two good races later’, is what I imagine the runner’s version of the Marshmallow Test would be. The Marshmallow Test describes a test given to young children to test their self-control. Over many years of research, children were offered a treat. The treat was often placedContinue reading “The Theory of Self-Control: Key to Consistent Running?”

How much training for the sub-35 minute 10km?

How much training for a sub-35 minute 10km? Just before Christmas I ran under 35 minutes for 10km twice in the space of a month having not done so for around 12 years. There are many forms of learning but I think one of the deepest is when you can apply learnings to yourself asContinue reading “How much training for the sub-35 minute 10km?”

Who best to ‘fix’ my running injury?

Research suggests about ~50% of us runners and triathletes self-manage or ask a friend about our injuries. The remaining ~30% and ~20% are split between medics or physiotherapists and others (athletic therapists, manual therapists, podiatrists, osteopaths, chiropractors, massage therapists, sports therapists etc.). All of these practitioners tend to be quite specialised in an area. In desperationContinue reading “Who best to ‘fix’ my running injury?”

‘What happened when we took the shoes from 9 well trained runners?’ A short blog to translate the science

We published this paper in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine. Unfortunately for the average runner and non-scientist it is full physiological and biomechanical terminology which can make it difficult to interpret. The purpose of this blog is to translate what we found into running speak. How did we do it? We had twoContinue reading “‘What happened when we took the shoes from 9 well trained runners?’ A short blog to translate the science”

Did the new shoes cause my heel pain?

Yesterday I was asked a question about changing shoes and heel / arch pain. By the time I’d answered it, I realized I’d written the majority of a blog. So here goes….. Details sent to me: Female early 30s returns to running regularly after a long period of without training. Purchases the Hoka One OneContinue reading “Did the new shoes cause my heel pain?”