Being the Best (Runner) You Can Be: Part 3

‘When do habits which appear as excellence to others become normal to me?’ Habits Habits protect the process. The process takes care of the outcome. What threatens the process? Instant gratification and boredom are the two major threats to the process and subsequently, the performance outcome. It’s hard to tell which comes first. Many athletesContinue reading “Being the Best (Runner) You Can Be: Part 3”

Being the Best (Runner) You Can Be: Part 2

‘Could I do better if I made more time for the goals I am pursuing?’ ‘What is stopping me from making more time for something that I find meaningful?’ Headspace Headspace allows you recover from today, prepare for tomorrow and plan for next week. Recover An athlete who is in full-time work or study hasContinue reading “Being the Best (Runner) You Can Be: Part 2”

Being the Best (Runner) You Can Be: Part 1

Was there anything else that I could have done today that would have made me a better athlete? An athlete who can say no (to the best of their knowledge) will be at peace for the evening. To be the best that you can be, I think you need three key components. They may beContinue reading “Being the Best (Runner) You Can Be: Part 1”

A Week in Cross-Training

Varied, logistically feasible and requiring a consistent moderate effort. The concepts that underpin a successful cross-training programme are the same as those that underpin a successful run programme. If you already have non-run training (strength & conditioning, yoga, alternate cardio) as part of your programme, when you pick up a niggle the transition can beContinue reading “A Week in Cross-Training”

The Anxiety of Athletic Injury

Humans have a deep aversion toward uncertainty. Our brains are primed to be highly sensitive to threat, at the expense of opportunity. Athletic Injury Athletic injury brings with it both ‘threat’ and ‘uncertainty’ provoking an evolutionary emotional frenzy. It first enters consciousness when the niggle appears or gets worse. At this point the brain isContinue reading “The Anxiety of Athletic Injury”

In the Pursuit of Excellence: A Training Camp Sure Can Help

The loneliness of the long-distance runner can be interrupted, if only for a week, while on training camp. A break from the solitude can bring renewed vigor and purpose arising from shared experience. Going it Alone At senior level, the majority of national and international standard athletes do not earn a sufficient living from runningContinue reading “In the Pursuit of Excellence: A Training Camp Sure Can Help”

Exercise the Life Sentence

Written by Peter Francis and Brian Carson Somewhere between the chasm of the physically inactive majority and the high-performance minority, reside a lesser known group of individuals who are serving a life sentence. I am one of them, as is my colleague and co-author of this piece Brian Carson. We share a large cell withContinue reading “Exercise the Life Sentence”

Running from Injury: RECORDED

Running from Injury – Why do runners get injured and how do we stop it? An interactive seminar held between 6 – 8 pm on Wednesday 31st January, 2018 at Leeds Beckett University. It was open to runners, coaches, clinicians, scientists and members of the general public. Due to the event being a sell outContinue reading “Running from Injury: RECORDED”

Consistency: Why everyone wants it but few can master it

Consistency is something that enhances and protects our future selves. Better health, career progression, a secure retirement and a stable family are some of the many reasons we need consistency. Readers of this blog will know – consistent runners become faster runners further down the line. Why is it so few of us can masterContinue reading “Consistency: Why everyone wants it but few can master it”

What a Difference a Coach Makes…..

Somehow, a guy who has coached athletes to the last 3 Olympics, whom I have met once, writes my run training now. How does that happen? It’s a long story, but to summarise: he took an interest and I trusted him. I met Andy when we had both been invited on behalf of the AthleticsContinue reading “What a Difference a Coach Makes…..”