Routine: The key to winning YOUR race before it starts

Whether you want to break your park run best or qualify for your first Olympics; what all of us runners, across that spectrum, have in common is the desire to do something that we’ve never done before. Most runners, beyond their initial ~6-month honey moon period, whereby progress occurs on an almost weekly basis, will […]

How much training for the sub 34-minute 10 km?

I wrote a piece entitled ‘How much training for the sub 35-minute 10 km?‘ in April. This is the follow-up. Both blogs are a component of what is now 78-weeks of consecutive injury free training; that consistency, is the real answer to the question I pose in title of this blog. The individual components of […]

The Road to Redemption: 10,000 hours of practice

“When an athlete gets injured, it’s akin to amputating a chair’s leg and expecting it to stand. The leg which supports them, defines them, disappears” – Cathal Dennehy, Sunday Tribune, 2007. Ironically, I had been coaching at Cathal Dennehy’s parent club Emerald AC for some months when I read his award-winning piece of journalism ‘Nil […]

A Lions Tour: Divided Loyalties, Rich People, Haka’s and the Greatest Rugby Team of All-Time

The best thing about the Lions tour is the opposition. The All-Blacks, as I describe to athletics friends, are the Usain Bolts of rugby – the greatest of all-time. Every single fixture, be it warm-up or test, affords the opportunity to watch New Zealand rugby and witness attacking skills we just don’t see in the […]