Cross-Training for the Runner (that actually works!)

Runners reject cross-training like a wild animal rejects defective off-spring. Every other form of exercise is considered a lesser species. There’s probably some truth in this; in that no other form of aerobic exercise has a higher energy expenditure for a given time cost. Running is weight-bearing uses most of our muscles especially the big […]

TED, why are we such awful people?

Note: This piece is also published on Ireland’s largest student web-site with 28,000 followers. I imagine a coffee-shop conversation: ‘Isn’t that awful about the famine in Africa?’, to which the reply comes, ‘Yes, those poor people, I put some money in a collection for them just yesterday’. Our imaginary friends would then progress to […]


Work in academia? Peter Francis gives us ten reasons why a sabbatical can be perfect to reignite your career. Fashion designers, world leaders, chief executives and academics have long recognised the importance of sabbaticals of varying duration (normally weeks to a year) to provide clarity of thought. However, before their first sabbatical, I doubt any […]

Beyond Stretching: Why Yoga is Good for Runners

There are two types of ‘confident-idiot’ when it comes to giving runners advice. The first is really sure of their opinion. The second is really sure of their opinion and read a research article that supports their opinion. The second is worse because they carry the research paper around like a baton – to beat you […]

HEAD-SPACE: The Difference between Running for Exercise or Training for Performance?

Low fuel availability to our working muscles during running causes us to slow down. A lesser mentioned fuel reserve is the one we have in our brain; when our brain reserves are depleted, it can also compromise our performance. The part of your brain that has a limited fuel reserve is also the part you […]