Be The Best You Can Be


Peter Francis is a sport scientist, physical therapist, coach and mentor. Peter’s main interest is in human potential; understanding how teams and individuals can be the best that they can be. Peter has a BSc. Sport and Exercise Science, BSc. Physical Therapy and a PhD in Exercise Science. He has worked with teams and individuals at amateur, European and Olympic level.¬† An established researcher, Peter lectures in sport, exercise and rehabilitation science and conducts research into the prevention and treatment of running injuries. Specifically, he studies the role of foot development with and without shoes and the implications for movement skills and injury risk.

Outside of sport, Peter is passionate about the power of (free) education to transform the health and well-being of societies. Peter enjoys leadership roles that help others realise their individual and collective potential. He has been described as a transformational leader for his work in creating cultures whereby productivity and well-being increase among groups. Examples include generating a 5-fold increase in research output at a University department, creating a winning culture on the sporting field and helping individuals accomplish physical challenges for the first time.

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